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Elfy products are being exported to more than 40 countries including U.S.A, UK, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and many more.

Elfy Industries (Pvt) Ltd

Elfy Industries (Pvt) Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Glue, Adhesives and Sealants produced under ELFY label.  ELFY products not only enjoys 90% market share in Pakistan, but also competing with top brands in more than 40 countries across the world.

EIPL is continuously delivering the high quality products to its customers at economical cost. Is committed to ensure that all its operations and processes are executed in a manner that safeguards life, minimize occupational hazards, implement the legal and regulatory requirements and work with its customers to have a trust on the organization in terms of quality and have a better reputation in the market. For this purpose, Will continually improve its HSQ Management system through training & development of its employees, stakeholders, suppliers for achieving the customer satisfaction.

Is to set industry standards for excellence in the quality and services EIPL provide. We will constantly be tuned to our customers needs through our flexibility, innovation and commitment to outstanding overall customer service.....

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"Mr. Mohammed Younus Shaikh

is one of the most experienced business executives in the field of Adhesives and Sealant. His experience spreads over, not years, but more than 4 decades. Cyanoacrylate Adhesive is a sophisticated technology. There are a few, even amoung the developed countries, who possess this sort of technology".

  • Brands of the year Award

    "Elfy Industries(Pvt) Ltd is one of the Best International Adhesive Brand "ELFY" won The Preistigious Award from BRAND of THE YEAR.".

  • Famous Brand Icon Award

    "ELFY is only Adhesive Brand from Pakistan, who got first famous Award BRAND ICON because ELFY exists since 1981. ".

  • Best Exporter Award

    Elfy Industries(Pvt) Ltd is one of the Best International Adhesive Brand "ELFY" won The Prestigious Award from BRAND of THE YEAR.

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